The crowd in the courtroom sat silently as Jennifer Pinckney detailed her ordeal in a calm, careful voice. It’s a story she’s told countless times; first to police and then to reporters. Now her story will help jurors decide the fate of the man who killed her husband. Jennifer Pinckney doesn’t like the limelight. She … More #CharlestonStrong

A Mother’s Gift

  ( My mom, Caroline Maggio, with her namesake, my daughter, Caroline “Carly” Brown in 1991)  I have a little plaque in my kitchen that reads, “Mothers hold our hands for a while, but our hearts forever”. I lost my wonderful mother to Alzheimer’s almost 6 years ago. But the lessons she gave me are … More A Mother’s Gift

A Life Well Lived

Some people on the planet are so famous they’re known by a single name: Ghandi, Sting or Madonna. In our little spot on Earth, that person was Papa, my sweet, loving, father-in-law. He never gained fame or fortune, but he was the richest man I’ve ever met. He was wealthy in the ways that count. … More A Life Well Lived

Happy 2015!

Plunging into the icy waters of Barton Springs is my tradition on New Years Day. But this year, I wimped out. I’m a diehard swimmer, but drizzling, freezing rain kept me cozy inside my house today.  I think of my yearly dip as a declaration of starting anew, casting caution to the wind, jumping right … More Happy 2015!

A Mother’s Love

My mother wasn’t much for celebrations or drawing attention to herself. She was always shining the light on others and was delighted to stay in the background quietly caring for her children and bragging about our accomplishments. But I must celebrate her and put her in the spotlight on this day to honor mothers because … More A Mother’s Love