The Road Goes on Forever …


There are times, amid the chaos and crowds at SXSW each year, when my husband and I look at each other and ask, “will we ever be too old for this?”

If this year is any indication, the answer is a resounding “NO”! We need look no further than the stars we soaked in during our own version of March Madness … a 10 day, non-stop trek from SXSW stage to non-SXSW stage seeing some of our favorite entertainers. We began with belly laughs courtesy of comedian Carol Burnett ( 85 yrs old ) at the Long Center and ended with the smooth sounds of Smokey Robinson( 76 yrs. old) at the Rodeo. In between we ventured to venues from Sixth Street to Rainey Street. What we found, time and again, was famous performers spending their golden years getting their groove on!


We DID manage to fit in some performers below 50 in our musical adventures, but in hindsight, I have to say the most memorable acts featured folks my millennial friends would consider “older than dirt”.

Judy Collins filled the church sanctuary at Central Presbyterian with her soulful songs and funk pioneer George Clinton had the Antone’s crowd rocking out at warp speed, treating a whole new generation to the funkadelic sound. Both Collins and Clinton are in their 70’s. We also stumbled upon a show at Stubbs featuring country legend Loretta Lynn ( 84 yrs. old). She looked and sounded amazing. Check out her floor length rhinestone dress!

There is something ageless and invigorating about seeing performers from your childhood. We Baby Boomers sometimes seek out the latest, greatest ways to look and feel young again. Perhaps the key to a long, happy life is simply being yourself and doing what you love.

We don’t need to hear the applause of an audience to know the journey, the learning, the laughter & the love is still alive and well.

Did I mention Willie Nelson turns 83 in April?

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