Happy 2015!

Plunging into the icy waters of Barton Springs is my tradition on New Years Day. But this year, I wimped out. I’m a diehard swimmer, but drizzling, freezing rain kept me cozy inside my house today.  I think of my yearly dip as a declaration of starting anew, casting caution to the wind, jumping right in and facing my fears.

So, as I sit with my feet propped up in front of the fireplace, I’m wondering whether I’d better head down to Barton Springs and prove neither rain, nor sleet nor dark of night will stand in the way of washing away 2014 and welcoming in the next 12 months. It certainly sounds brave and bold and a way to show I’m braced for new beginnings.

But, it sure is is nice to just rest and relax! After all, in my mind, I’m justified to skip this annual right of passage. I mean, so many people are sick right now, I wouldn’t want to catch a terrible cold and develop pneumonia. Plus, the pool is probably already closed to would-be polar bears, so trekking down there now would just be a waste of time.

Yes, it certainly is a wise decision to keep my butt firmly planted in this comfy chair. I know. I know. It sounds a little lazy…like I’m making excuses for staying home and putting on a few more holiday pounds by gorging on the gooey, warm leftovers from last night’s party.

Come to think of it, the pollution count is likely high in Barton Springs due to the rain and I  wouldn’t want to contract some bacterial disease that could kill me. Whew, I’ve likely dodged a bullet!

Now, bring on the mac and cheese. Both the diet and the dip in the pool will have to wait until day 2 of 2015. And, let’s face it … there’s always next year!



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