A Mother’s Love

momMy mother wasn’t much for celebrations or drawing attention to herself. She was always shining the light on others and was delighted to stay in the background quietly caring for her children and bragging about our accomplishments.
But I must celebrate her and put her in the spotlight on this day to honor mothers because she was the best! She’s been gone 4 years now and on every Mother’s day since she died, I find myself melancholy and yet incredibly grateful for the gift of a loving mother.
My mother taught me to treat others with respect and kindness, to lend a hand to those in need, to find the good in people, to sing from your soul, to soak in the joy of young children and learn from their innocence and wonder. My finest qualities as a human being are due to being her daughter.
I recall my first few days of kindergarten, the teacher put in the corner because I couldn’t stop crying. I missed my Mom! Who needed school when I had this intelligent, loving woman at home all to myself during the day ? ( I was the youngest of three) She read to me, took me to the park, the library and to concerts. She snuggled with me, hugged me and was always there when I needed her. Why wouldn’t I cry when suddenly I had to spend my days without her?
Here I am 50 years later … still finding tears in my eyes … because I miss her. I must have been a very wise 5 year old.


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