Healing Broken Hearts

We are collectively grieving as a community. Our hearts are broken for the victims of this selfish, senseless crime. It’s a tragedy that tore at our core and ripped apart an international festival that shines the light on this amazing place we call home.  South by Southwest helped put Austin on the map as a mecca for music, creativity and culture.

Though, as a journalist I strive to stay objective, I agree with Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo. He said canceling SXSW would be a victory for evil. 

Yes, I’m a music lover, but you don’t have to love live music to know plowing through a group of innocent people waiting to soak in the sounds of their favorite musicians is pure evil.

I’m grateful the shows will go on. Music can be healing and even heavenly, at times. So, perhaps the very music that was silenced by this tragedy will help carry us beyond the sadness to find some serenity.   



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